Inner Thigh Liposuction

Inner Thigh Lift Surgery Or Inner Thigh Fat Removal

Thighs (Medial & Lateral)

Thighs are infamous for packing excess fat in the body, which most people find quite unappealing to their shape. Regular exercise can help, but more often than not, your body will still retain some excess fat in the thighs area. Thigh lift or the inner thigh fat removal surgery will offer a procedure to get rid of this fat and restore a slimmer, more attractive contour.

Thanks to the immediate results and short recovery time, inner thigh liposuction or the inner thigh plastic surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures conducted across the globe. Do you feel like your thighs are a little extra? The inner thigh fat removal surgery or thigh lift can be the ultimate solution to your problem!

Who is Suited for the Liposuction Procedure?

Liposuction of the thighs or the inner thigh plastic surgery is best suited for patients with a normal healthy weight but have sacks of excess fats on their thighs. You should, however, note that this procedure will not get rid of cellulite. Therefore, if you have a firm and elastic skin, your results of the inner thigh plastic surgery will be exceptional.

inner thigh fat removal

How do we Carry Out the Thigh Lift Surgery Procedure?

We carry out inner thigh fat removal procedure using a vibrating cannula attached to a vacuum pump. The cannula will be inserted under the skin into the fatty area, sucking out all the fats in small bits.

On the other hand, if the fat is dense and globular like the case with “saddlebags,” we will use a specialized cannula. What makes this cannula special, in this case, is the fact that it breaks down the fats through nutational infrasonic vibrations before suction to achieve smooth retrieval.

The Inner Thigh fat removal procedure uses a tumescent local anaesthetic solution which is a fluid that contains an anaesthetic, adrenaline, and sodium bicarbonate. This eases the pain and reduces bleeding simultaneously during the procedure. Then the cannula is used to suck out the saline solution around the fat, leaving only smooth contours. You can check out the inner thigh lift surgery before and after results to get an exact idea.

Are there any Risks?

Some people may later experience loose skin and stretch marks if the contraction of your skin isn’t smooth on top of the excess fat that is removed. This may happen either if the skin has lost its elasticity because of age and overstretching or if too much fat has been removed. All in all, the more fat is removed, the bigger the risks of complication.

What is the Total Recovery Time?

Recovery time varies among individuals, but on average may take up to six weeks for the swelling and bruising to disappear. If any complications occur, it may take longer as there will be further assessments and treatments in place.

During recovery, you will wear an elastic bandage (compression garment) for up to one month to help the contraction of your skin and control the swelling. After about two weeks, most of the swelling should have diminished, and you can go back to your day to day activities.

After swelling has subsided, you will notice the difference right away, and after about three months, the final, slimmer contour should be completely visible. You can compare the inner thigh plastic surgery before and after results.
If you are thinking about having inner thigh fat removal surgery or inner thigh liposuction done, visit our clinic for a thorough consultation and clinical assessments.