Hip Liposuction

Hip Fat Removal Surgery London

Liposuction for the Hips

Every woman knows that a defined hip to waist ratio is often an enviable badge of womanhood. Nicely contoured hips not only bring out a gorgeous hour-glass figure, but they also enhance a woman’s appearance. Unfortunately, the hips are prone to accumulating unwanted masses of fats. Whereas a strict and lengthy diet and exercise can be quite beneficial to keep you in shape, especially the hips, it will not eliminate the fat completely.

Do you keep racking up mounds of unwanted fat in your hip area, even after dieting and working out religiously? In that case, the hip liposuction is your best bet to slim up and still maintain your womanly figure with curves in the right places. After the hip fat removal surgery, you will get a naturally desirable physique without the excess fat on your attractive curves.

hip fat removal

How we Perform the Hip Liposuction Procedure?

When carrying out the hip liposuction or hip fat removal surgery, the surgeon will use a device known as a cannula. It is a thin tube inserted in the areas of your skin with the extra layer of fat. The fat will be broken down into finer particles through slow and precise back and forth motions while staying perfectly parallel to the skin. The broken-down fat cells will then be sucked up via the cannula and out of the body.

Just like all liposuction procedures that take place, the hip fat removal is carried through a slightly invasive tumescent procedure. In case you are wondering, this means is that throughout the whole process, only local anaesthesia is used. You will not be completely sedated, leading to quicker healing and high-quality results compared to other aggressive forms of liposuction.


What we Consider Before the Procedure of the Hip Lift Surgery?

To ensure that we achieve the best possible results for a natural look some of the elements that our surgeon of hip fat removal in London will consider for your case include:

  • Amount of excess fat in the hips
  • How the hips engage in with the surrounding parts like the thighs and flanks.
  • The overall proportions of your whole body

During the hip fat removal surgery procedure, the surgeon carefully manoeuvrers the cannula to remove the fats evenly from all the affected places. Since the hips are defined naturally in the body, you must get consistent results throughout the whole area. Thanks to our qualified and experienced doctors, you will be assured of the results that perfectly fit the natural contours of your body.


How Long Will It Take in Recovery After Hip Lift Surgery?

When it comes to your recovery after hip lift surgery, take a few days off to heal, then you can get back to your regular schedule if it’s not strenuous. Before taking part in any strenuous activities like hitting the gym to maintain your nicely sculpted figure, you should wait a few weeks to heal properly. Otherwise, if you work out or perform activities that induce a lot of strain to your hips, you may end up tearing the recovering tissues after the procedure.

Additionally, you will also need to wear a compression garment that we’ll provide for up to 6 weeks. For the best results, after the hip lift surgery wait for about 3 to 6 months to heal fully after the operation before you go back to the gym. Remember to follow a strict diet as well, so that you don’t end up gaining more fat in your healing months.