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Male Breast Fat Removal

Gynecomastia Surgery Or Male Breast Reduction in London

Gynecomastia or ‘male breasts’ is the unusual enlargement of the male breast tissue as a result of hormonal imbalance in the body. During puberty, there is a hormonal influx in male teens which may cause ‘man boobs’ to develop. The condition usually rectifies itself after the adolescent years, but it may remain past puberty for some individuals.

Weight gain can also lead to man boobs, but the ones we are addressing here cannot be controlled by a few sessions at the gym. For a lot of boys and men, this condition can be a cause for embarrassment. In addition, it may affect the chest in different ways by causing asymmetric or unilateral breasts. But then, thanks to male breast reduction in London treatments, the unwanted fat deposits caused by gynecomastia can be removed to improve the appearance of the chest and create a more defined masculine torso.

male breast fat removal

Who Can Undergo Male Breast Reduction in London?

Any healthy male adult who is uncomfortable with the saggy skin around their breasts can book to have the procedure done at our trusted clinic. Gynecomastia usually appears as a tender mass of tissue that has a different feel to that of the much firmer breast cancer tumors. The surgeon will carefully examine the target area to confirm that it’s indeed a case of gynecomastia and not male breast cancer. We will also conduct some tests to rule out any underlying conditions that may deter a normal healing process.

The treatment has a higher chance of success with patients who are at their ideal weight. Men whose BMI is above 26 will be advised to take steps to reduce their weight before they can qualify. Patients on medications that increase bleeding risks, heavy drinkers, and smokers are also not appropriate candidates for male breast Reduction in London. Individuals interested in the treatment will have to quit at least months before the procedure. Often, the step taken to quit excessive drinking and marijuana leads to an immediate improvement to the condition, and the procedure may not be necessary in the first place. Skin elasticity is also crucial to minimize having too much loose skin in the end.

Gynecomastia Treatment at London Liposuction Clinic

The entire procedure may take up to 2 hours, depending on the amount of fat being removed. Small deposits of fat will be removed by liposuction. In this process, local anaesthesia is administered by the anaesthesiologist, and a cannula is inserted into the area to suck out the fat. Because tiny incisions are made for the cannula insertion, there will be little to no scarring after the patient has fully recovered.

If the excess fat is in large quantities, the treatment may involve both fat and tissue removal. This means that the procedure will be an open surgery which entails cutting open the area around the areola to access the fat and excess tissue. In addition, any loose sagging skin after the liposuction will be surgically removed.


Recovery After Male breast Reduction in London

To control the pain and swelling after the procedure, we give the patient a compression vest which should be worn for at least a month to achieve the contoured chest. Most patients will be able to go back to work within a week of having undergone male breast liposuction. Of course, in the case of open surgery, the healing may take a bit longer, but the results are expected to be flawless.