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Arm Liposuction

Arms Liposuction or Arms Fat Removal / Reduction London

Chubby arms can be pretty disturbing when you’ve got every other part in check, right? And if you’ve tried every other form of exercise without noticeable results, then arm liposuction is your best solution to achieve more slender arms that match with the rest of your body. When done right, arm fat removal revived confidence in many of our clients that have chosen to get it. So, come to our clinic and you will never have to think twice about rocking your sleeveless shirts and tops.

After you book an appointment at our cosmetic clinic, consider all your sagging arm bits sorted. We have just the team to ensure that your experience will be just as smooth as your fit arms when the procedure is done. Successful arm liposuction should end in well-toned, balanced, and contoured arms that are proportionate to your whole physique, which is what our team strives to deliver to all our customers. Are you ready to start living the dream?


Prepping For Your Arm Fat Reduction( Liposuction)

It’s beyond exciting to lie on an operating table and walk out with a perfect pair of arms, but unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for the procedure. As such, we first have to assess a few things as soon as a potential client walks in for a consultation with our liposuction specialist.

To determine if it’s the right kind of solution for you, our doctor will check for skin elasticity around your arms and your overall health. A good candidate will also be of average weight with respect to their BMI. Additionally, you should be aware that arm liposuction is not recommended as part of a diet or weight loss plan; it’s for reshaping and sculpting the arms.

Performing the surgery on an unsuitable candidate may result in undesirable outcomes such as the skin sagging and the arm looking flabby afterward. On top of that, we analyse a patient’s medical history and carry out some physical and blood tests before any approval can be done. This is all done with the safety of our clients in mind, and our friendly staff will helpfully guide you through the whole process.

Things to Consider Before Arm Liposuction

Arm fat removal surgery may be conducted if the patient has tried other conventional means to remove the fats, for instance, a strict diet and/or exercise. You should also keep in mind that the procedure is not a substitute for diet control or regular exercise. If you overlook them, there is a high chance that fat will appear again after the procedure, rendering liposuction less effective.

To achieve the best results, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. For instance, the skin should have enough elasticityto prevent the arm from appearing flabby after the surgery. If the skin drops after the procedure, you may require a surgical arm lift to counter the sagginess of the skin. You can check out the arm fat surgery before and after results to get the exact idea.

Additionally, we have to assess the patient’s medical history, carry out several tests and physical examinations to make sure the patient is fit for liposuction. Some of the tests the patient will undergo include ECG to determine the heart condition and several blood tests.


The Arms Fat Removal Procedure At London Liposuction Clinic

On the D-day, we’ll take photos of your arms so that we can compare them to the post-operation results once the procedure is completed. From there, markings will be made around the area where the fat is to be removed, and we’ll then usher you into the operating room for the arm-sculpting procedure.

Our anaesthesiologist will then administer tumescent local anaesthesia, which is injected via tiny incisions in the arm and surrounding areas to ensure a balanced shape. A cannula is then inserted into the fat pockets to suction the fat out of the arm and surrounding areas like part of the back and the shoulders.

The results are noticeable as soon as you leave the operating table, even though you may have some swelling right after the procedure. The patient is given compression garments at our facility to help reduce the swelling and expel the tumescent fluid from the arm during healing.

You can go back to performing everyday routines with your arms in 2 to 5 days, although it takes about 6 months to attain full recovery and visibly see the final look. For long-lasting results, you will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle which constitutes a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine.