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Abdomen fat removal London

Body Fat Removal Surgery

Stomach Fat Removal in London

Fat deposits around the stomach and general abdominal region are the most stubborn to get rid of with diet and exercise. When you have tried all possible ways to get a flatter, more sculpted abdomen without visible results, liposuction is your best bet to get the most attractive results. Abdominal liposuction in London is the most sought-after form of liposuction and going to a specialized clinic that will give you a sculpted and natural-looking figure is vital.

We are aware that every patient that walks into our clinic must be considered independently, as patient needs are unique in each case. Therefore, our resident liposuction specialist performs a thorough patient analysis while evaluating your desired results to advise you accordingly. Before embarking on the surgery, the main factors that will be considered are the patient’s age, sex, pregnancy history, the target areas for fat removal in London, and the weight loss/gain history.

How The Procedure of Fat Removal in London Is Performed

After confirming that a patient is eligible for abdominal liposuction in London, we will book you in for the procedure, which may take anywhere between 2 to 6 hours, depending on the location of fat removal.

When undergoing abdominal liposuction at our clinic, unless otherwise advised, local anaesthetic is administered around the areas where incisions will be made to access the targeted fat deposits. The local anaesthetic will help to reduce bleeding and trauma, to make the procedure painless and comfortable.

Our liposuction specialist will then make inconspicuous incisions around the area marked for fat removal in London. From there, a cannula will be inserted into the incisions, and very precise back and forth motions are applied to the area to loosen the fat deposits. In case you were wondering, a cannula is a flexible hollow tube that can be inserted into a body part to facilitate the flow of fluids – in this case, liquified fat.

The loosened fats are then suctioned out of the body using a smaller cannula. Being professionals, our team will ensure consistency by strategically handling all relevant sections to avoid lumps and unnatural contours. This may involve touching up some areas of the back, like the flanks, so as to even out the area. The doctor will then go in with a spatula cannula to remove any excess fat left after the process. The whole procedure is safe since we use state-of-the-art Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) equipment to safely extract the fat.

Your Journey to Recovery

There will be some swelling and discomfort immediately after the procedure, but this is expected to subside with guided post-op care in a couple of weeks.

For starters, we will most likely give you compression garments that must be carefully worn in the initial weeks after the surgery. These will be instrumental in ensuring that your skin goes back to being elastic after the liposuction in London. The ideal period to wear the compression garments is 6 weeks as, by this time, the skin around the surgical area would have contracted.

Note that your lifestyle after liposuction will determine if you get to keep your perfectly contoured midsection. You will have to consistently follow a healthy lifestyle through a healthy diet and some exercise routine so that you can maintain your appealing figure with a natural-looking curved. So, come to our clinic today, and we’ll help you achieve your dream body in no time!