Dr Arash Khademi

Dr Arash Khademi is a senior clinician with over 23 years of clinical, management and leadership experience. He is a GMC registered doctor with licence to practice who was a consultant emergency physician (A&E) in the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom, before moving to his second speciality, aesthetic medicine and surgery. His unique attitude on the combination of science and art and also his special attention to patient safety, finesse and professional aesthetic results have made him a highly sought-after clinician. Dr Khademi is trained by the most well-known physicians and surgeons in the world and is one of the very first British doctors who trained by the inventor of the tumescent local anaesthesia® and microcannular liposuction®, Professor Jeffrey Klein in California, USA.

Dr Khademi is a member of “Aesthetic Complications Expert Group” (ACE) & the chief scientific officer (CSO) at the British Board of Antiaging & Integrated Medicine in the United Kingdom. As a senior clinician, he is profoundly Liposculpture-oriented, a philosophy which he belives originated from his paradigm shift:

“I do NOT trust the man who has performed 10,000 treatments once, but I DO trust the one who has performed one treatment 10,000 times!”

A feedback from an NHS consultant colleague:

Dr Khademi stands out among other peers through his dedication to hard work, exceptional clinical skills and proven scientific insight. He has successfully mastered the art of establishing a positive relationship with his patients, through providing outstanding care. His recommendations are always well thought out, grounded in his vast background of medical knowledge and hands-on practical skills.

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